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Debt Collections Treasury Department

This site discusses debt collection through the Treasury Department.

Fair Debt Collection

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires that debt collectors treat you fairly and prohibits certain methods of debt collection. Learn what collections' actions are prohibited.

How Can I Protect My Home From Creditors?

Your home is your castle. Be careful not to lose it to a pirate. A homeowner should be aware of those possibilities and take the necessary steps to prevent such action.

How to Right a Wrong

This brochure explains your rights when it comes to mail and telephone order shopping, unordered merchandise, and door-to-door sales. It also tells y;ou how to write an effective complaint letter and lists some resources for additional help.

The Federal Wage Garnishment Law, Consumer Credit Protection Act's Title 3 (CCPA)

This fact sheet provides general information concerning the amount that may be withheld from a person's earnings under the CCPA and the law's protection from termination because of garnishment for any single debt.

Wages Garnishment

A wage garnishment is a legal procedure in which a person's earnings are required by court order to be withheld by an employer for the payment of a debt. Find out what protection and limitations apply. However a different formula applies for child support.

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