Unemployment Insurance


Unemployment Insurance

Since 1935, the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program in the United States has operated as a safety net for those who lose their jobs thru no fault of their own. The UI guidelines are established by federal law, and Mississippi determines rules governing matters such as benefit levels and eligibility.


If UI benefits are initially denied, you have a right to appeal and have your case heard by a hearing officer. There are minimum earnings requirements for eligibility which relate to base year or quarter. There are also non-monetary requirements. The three most common are: the worker is unemployed due to a labor dispute (strike, walkout, etc.); the worker left the job without "good cause"; or the worker was discharged due to "misconduct".

When one of the reasons above is given you may want to request that an attorney represent you at the hearing, provided by the Mississippi Employment Security Commission (MESC). A final decision by the MESC can be appealed to the Circuit Court for your county.

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